Welcome to the Springs!

darbyWelcome to our internet home

At the Springs, everybody is somebody.

This church has been here since the early 1940’s. It was built by people who loved the Lord and loved each other.

Willow Springs is a family church, reaching out to a world that is hurting and looking for help. Everyone is family at the Springs. If you are hurting and looking for God to help you, then the Springs is the place to be.

God is doing an awesome work at the Springs, and we invite you to visit us and make this church your home church, as many are doing. We are an old fashion church in a modern world. We sing the old hymns, we clap our hands, we stand and say “Amen”, and our worship services are very emotional.

The Word of God is preached from the King James Version of the Bible to help families to come together, to help change lives, to save souls, and to bless people.

If you’ve been thinking, praying, searching, and hoping for a place to belong, we say …….


Pastor Tommy Darby

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