Sis. Sherry’s Corner

 For the week of  July 23 2017

A young man working in the army was constantly humiliated
because he was black and he believed in God.  One day the
Captain decided to humiliate him more before the troops, he
called the young man and said; “Young man, take the key and
park the Jeep aside”  the young man replied “Sir, I don’t know
how to drive so I can’t park the Jeep!”  The captain said;  “Then
ask for assistance from your God, show us that He exists!”

The young man cried, took the key and went to the vehicle
praying to God all the way ….  As a result, he parked the car
PERFECTLY well as the captain wanted.  The young man
came out of the truck thanking his God and to his surprise he
saw all the troops crying, they all said together;  “We want to see
your God.”  The young man was astonished, he wanted to know
what was going on.  The Captain was crying too and he opened the
hood of the Jeep showing the young man that the Jeep had no
The young soldier said; “See?, This is the God I serve, the
God who gives life to what does not exist.  You may think there
are things that are still impossible but THE GOD OF