Sis. Sherry’s Corner

 For the week of  August 13, 2017

I was in the doctor’s office yesterday and when I first walked
in the door, I heard a lady humming a Christian song.  I sat
down beside her and she started singing one of the old
classics.  She didn’t care that the room was full.  she kept
singing about Jesus.  I told her I enjoyed it and we got to talking
I asked her how long she had been waiting and she proceeded to
tell me what an inpatient person she was, I answered back
with what the scriptures said about patience and that it was a
fruit of the Spirit.  (Long suffering) She said, “Really!”  She
seemed not to know what I was talking about  She told me
she has always sung even from a young age.  She sang in
church often and even now has won some awards for her
singing.  But throughout the whole time, she was impatient,
complaining, negative and didn’t know much about the Bible
Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you are the
Church.  Just because you hear preaching doesn’t mean you
are a doer of the Word.  Just because you sing about Jesus
doesn’t mean you know Jesus.  Many are like her
churchgoers with a talent.  They go on Sunday, they may even
sing in the choir and hold positions in the church.  but there is
no evidence of Christ in their lives during the rest of the
week.  There is an old children’s song that say’s, “If your’re
saved and you know it, then your life will surely show it.  She
had a beautiful voice and sang the “right” son, but had no
personal evidence to back up what she sang, This lady was
very proud of the talent that she had, but didn’t know the
One who gave it to her.  Do the things that God has given you
to do.  Every good gift comes to us From God.