Prayer Requests



For the week May 21, 2017

Bro. & Sis. Darby
Sis. Susie FAMILY
Bro. Jimmy
Sis. Gail
Bro Jim
Jackie Johnson
Wendell Hudson
Bro. Dean
Shirley Havens
Bro. Bingham
Sis. Linda’s Step-Dad
Sis. Sissy Anderson and Billy
Bro and Sis Ford
Sis. Ford brother in law
Mathew and family
Brown family
Sis. Sarah
Sis. Helen
Sis. Bertha
Sis. Pittman
The Snyder family
Candice Belk
Bro. Tommy Hall and family
Bobby Epps
Sis. Betty and family
Nicole and family
Bro. Carl Hall
Sis. Bernice
Jimmy Dale
Sis. Linda Epps and family
Dorothy Pickett
Brooke and family
Our school children and teachers
Our bus ministry
Our Church
Our service men and women
Our Hospital ministry
All the lost
All un-spoken request