For the week of  November 4, 2018

“Is Jesus still Weeping?”

John 11:35

Jesus wept.



  • We would like to invite you to attend every Wednesday night at 7 PM 
  • We are selling our cd “Songs for the Heart”.. if you would like one please call 662-563-9443
  • Our Wednesday night Bible study will be studying ” Ephesians chapter 6 “spiritual warfare”
  •  If you are missing Sunday school you are missing a blessing.,
  • The men’s class with start Sunday nite at 5:00 on  A Series on “People of FAith”  All men are welcome to attend.
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A minister in a little church announced: 
like to request that the person who stole 
the chicken from Brother Martin’s hen house
please refrain from giving any money to the Lord.
The Lord doesn’t money from a thief!”  The
collection plate was passed around, and for the
first time in months, everybody gave.

Birthday:  Bro. David Hall


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